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Regarding The last Tournament ( 4 - 7 - 2014 )

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Regarding The last Tournament ( 4 - 7 - 2014 )

Post by Bastawesy on Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:37 pm

Congratulations Sign for winning the Pharaohs Curse Summer Tournament  farao You Deserved it.
Also Congratzz Donky<3 who made it to the 2nd Place.
Prizes will be Granted by ButCHAAAAAAA- By tomorrow maximum.
Also I wanna Thank S0RT0,Derb,-ShyShy,Ashkif and all who helped out today for their patience and Time.
Regarding the tournament, I know there was some Glitches and mistakes today and some problems in the platform..but for the first Tournament hosted by the new staff...Am Satisfied Smile
I would like to thank Those who participated and those who didn't know how to participate..I think u knew by now so looking forward to see u next week in a new Tournament :')
Gratzz for the winners and Hard luck for Participants.
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