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1v1 ShadowFiend (??-09-2015)

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1v1 ShadowFiend (??-09-2015)

Post by BLOMB on Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:09 pm

Tournament Information
✦ Place : RGC
✦ Bots : fr
✦ Mode : shomnp.
✦ Hero : Nevermore
✦ Tournament Map : 6.83c RGC Fix
✦ Room : Egypt
✦ Platform : Ranked Gaming Client ( RGC )
✦ Type : 1v1 Tournament
✦ Date : ??-09-2015
✦ Time : 17:00 RMT - DQ Time 17:15 RMT.
✦ Prizes : Room Champion (1Month) + 30 RGD's for winner.

Item Restrictions:

✦No euls
✦No Hood of Defiance
✦No pipe
✦No dagon
✦No courier fly
✦No Armlet Of Mordiggan
✦No Mekans

Game Rules:

✦Game will not be remade if player disconnected after 5 minutes of creep spawn.
✦Using of bugs will directly DQ you
✦Game ends when a player gets 2 Towers or 3 Kills.
✦If you want to pause the game you have to count 3,2,1 to avoid Disqualification. (DQ)

Sign Up format:
✦RGC Username:
✦How can we contact you: (Facebook/Email)

Good luck cheers


If you need any help contact me on RGC or send me a private message here   Wink 
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CO-Head Admin

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Re: 1v1 ShadowFiend (??-09-2015)

Post by PlayHard_GoPro^ on Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:47 am

Facebook (Armando Lamuca)
Email (


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