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Team Captain Rules

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Team Captain Rules

Post by BLOMB on Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:44 pm

Available Commands In Game Lobby
Unhost the game.

!swap (slotnumber) (slotnumber)
Swaps a specific slot with another slot.

!open (slotnumber)
Opens a specific slot number/s, user will be kicked but can rejoin.

!Kick (slotnumber)
Kicks a specific slot number/s, kicked user won't be able to rejoin that game.

Balance Players
Equals out the total points of sentinels and scourge shuffling the players in lobby.

Setting Game Mode
!mode ap (you can replace ap with any other modes below)
(permitted modes: ap/sd/rd/cd/cm/ubcm/apzm/cmzm/sdzm)

We don't recommend host to start game using !start command, We recommend using !ready command. However if you do make sure you tell about starting before you use the command.

Forcefully starts the game.
*Only 5 vs 5 is allowed*

Start Force:
!start force
Forcefully starts the game without checking players ping.
*Only 5 vs 5 is allowed

Available Commands In Game

!Mute (slotnumber)
Mutes a specific user in a slot

Remakes the games without the loss nor addition of points. Do not remake without sufficient reason.
Do not remake after 5mins of game time[the time after creep spawn], however in case of gameruiners/afkers/leavers u can remake upto 10mins ingame time. Do not use this command after 10mins/do not use this other than in your game. Use !ff/!votermk command instead.

Only use commands in your own Private Game. (game hosted using "!host" command)


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