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Ban SileNtC(ute) - Zoro0o0o - .LaCosTe.

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Ban SileNtC(ute) - Zoro0o0o - .LaCosTe.

Post by WIKI-Murder on Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:18 pm

Ban: SileNtC(ute) - Zoro0o0o - .LaCosTe.
Reason: Flammers w bawzo el game

(31:16) Zoro0o0o: omak 7elwa
(31:26) SileNtC(ute): yabnel al lay7a
(31:27) Zoro0o0o: kos omak
(31:35) Zoro0o0o: ana b2a ba3'lat fe kos omak D
(31:39) SileNtC(ute): kosmen omak
(31:43) SileNtC(ute): 3yal bent mara
(31:44) Zoro0o0o: hanekak bardo
(35:44) SileNtC(ute): malak ya kosmak?
(35:47) SileNtC(ute): anta mohz2?
(35:53) Zoro0o0o: egry ya ebn el meba23a
(38:48) .LaCosTe.: kan ya makan fe SHa55a bt2ol SHHHH
(38:54) .LaCosTe.: Etnak
(38:58) .LaCosTe.: neket el tneen
(39:37) SileNtC(ute): omak care?
(39:52) .LaCosTe.: la2 o5tak el shrmota care yabn el mara el momes
(39:59) .LaCosTe.: ana m3'letsh fel metnaka omak(40:12)
(40:12) .LaCosTe.: yb2a omak el metnaka bent el zanaya
(40:47) .LaCosTe.: da kosom el araf ya 3am


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Re: Ban SileNtC(ute) - Zoro0o0o - .LaCosTe.

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:26 pm

.LaCosTe. is now timebanned from this channel until 21:27 on 01/09/2014

Zoro0o0o is now timebanned from this channel until 21:31 on 01/09/2014

SileNtC(ute) is now timebanned from this channel until 21:31 on 01/09/2014



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